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Roof Drain Repair

Discovering a leaking roof drain can be more than an annoyance because if it is not repaired quickly, it can be the cause of severe property damage. Once you notice any sort of leak it can quickly bec…

inside of sewage collector pipe
Sewer Inspection

Sewer Camera Inspection in St. Louis

Plumbing can be a tricky component to deal with for both homeowners and commercial property owners. When an issue arises, it typically requires immediate action. Sometimes, something minor such as a s…

Pipe Replacement

Trenchless Pipe Replacement

Life is going so well, you’ve been feeling happy and nothing can bring you down! When suddenly the smell of sewer waste drifts past your nose and all those happy feelings head out the door.  Nothing c…

Drain Lining

No Dig Sewer Repair

Sewer issues are not the most exciting thing to find yourself dealing with. There are so many problems that could arise and, even worse, so many ways to fix them. Trying to find the most efficient way…

Drain Lining

Trenchless Pipe Replacement

If you own a home or business, sewer pipe replacement will most likely be a concern for you at some point. No matter what your pipes are made of, they can only really last 50 years at most. This is as…

Sewer Repair

Sewer Repair Without Digging Your Garden

There are many reasons to start and maintain a garden. If you live in an area with great weather, have an abundance of free time, and are passionate about growing and keeping things alive, then you mi…


Sewer Camera Inspection in South Florida

Miranda Home Services offers air conditioning and sewer services to its clients’ homes. One if its sewer services is the sewer camera inspection. This service makes use of a video camera that is attac…