Trenchless Pipe Replacement in Pittsburgh


Imagine you’re laying in bed at the end of a long day, listening to the familiar sounds of your home as you try and fall asleep. Lately you’ve noticed a new sound of trickling water. It doesn’t just trickle when someone is using the water either. It seems to go all the time in random spurts with no rhyme or reason.

You’ve ignored it for awhile but you know it’s just a matter of time before whatever problem it is catches up to you.

Sounds a little stressful, doesn’t it?

Anytime you have a new noise in your pipes, it’d be wise to pay attention to it – since it could be an indication that a larger problem is going on. If you own your home, having your sewage pipes inspected every so often should be a part of your maintenance considerations, like a trenchless pipe replacement service.

Call the Right Help

Call a professional for a quick and easy inspection to see if there are any leaks or problems in your pipes, especially if your system has presented some unusual behavior lately. If a pinhole leak is detected, there are options available that don’t include replacing the whole pipe.

You can think of pipe replacement like cooking a meal, where the leaky pipe is like an over-seasoned dish. For example, if you’ve over-sweetened your dish, you wouldn’t toss the whole thing out, right? You don’t want to scrap all of your fresh ingredients you just took the time to cook and start over completely. There are other things you can do like add some salt or cut the dish with something sour to save it.

The same is true for your sewage pipe. There’s no need to replace a big portion of the system and start all over. There’s a faster, easier, more affordable way to repair your pipes without all the headache and mess. You won’t even have to dig up a trench to access the pipe.

Everything from the inspection to the repair can be done from easily accessible points without turning your property into a construction zone. The plumbing industry has been revolutionized by modern technology that allows for trenchless pipe replacement. You can build new pipes off the walls of your existing pipes without having to dig a trench or replace large pipe segments.

Because of this new technology, you can save your meal and eat it too. Rather – you can save your pipes and keep using them!

Make sure when you call a professional, you’re not calling just any plumber who may not have knowledge or access to this updated technology. Traditional methods of sewer pipe replacements call for digging up a trench or cutting holes in your home to access the damaged pipe. Using those methods will not only damage your property unnecessarily, it costs more, requires more time, and is extremely inconvenient.

With trenchless replacement, you can have the water turned off to your home overnight when your family doesn’t need it and let the repair cure overnight. By morning, your pipes will be like new and ready to use!

If you need a sewer inspection or are interested in trenchless pipe replacement, call the experts at AK Pipe Lining. Their friendly staff are available to answer your questions and make sure your pipes are salvaged without unnecessary damage.

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