Trenchless Pipe Replacement


Life is going so well, you’ve been feeling happy and nothing can bring you down! When suddenly the smell of sewer waste drifts past your nose and all those happy feelings head out the door.  Nothing can throw a wrench into your life as quickly as when something that you have always taken for granted starts to malfunction.  In this case, it’s your sewer pipes.

Port Saint Lucie, Florida has grown substantially in the last decade and with an increased population comes increased waste and sewage, which can quickly put a strain on sewer systems.  Although most homes in the area were new, people began noticing more and more complications with their plumbing due to the higher volume of usage.  

People were faced with costly repairs to bring their pipes back to working order, many pipes even needed to be replaced.  This became a nightmare for many people and understandably so.  But repairing and replacing your sewer pipes doesn’t need to be scary!  With trenchless pipe replacement, the whole process is a breeze (and that nasty odor on the breeze will disappear).

Although sewer pipes don’t seem that exciting, trenchless pipe replacement is actually pretty cool.  It doesn’t involve much digging or destruction of the earth so that your property stays intact and there isn’t a huge mess to clean up afterwards. Using the trenchless method, pipes can be repaired or replaced using a few simple steps:

Step 1

An access point is located near the pipe in need of replacing

Step 2

A tube is inserted which coats the inside of the pipe with an epoxy resin that cures and becomes a new lining inside of the existing pipe.

Step 3


Choose The Easiest Way

It really is that easy and efficient.  You pay a fraction of the cost of traditional pipe replacement and you don’t have to deal with much any down time or inconveniences.  The whole process can be done in less than a day!  The new pipe lining is structurally sound with no joints that can potentially become weak spots for leaks or root intrusion.  

The one continuous pipe is strong and reinforced by the outer pipe surrounding it.  In the Port Saint Lucie area, My Electrician FL is the perfect company to take care of all your pipe repairs and replacements.  Their friendly and professional service will leave you with that happy feeling again and peace of mind that your new pipe will serve you well for at least 50 years.

If you have issues with your sewer pipes or want to be proactive and get an upgrade before problems arise, My Electrician FL is the company you need. With pipe repairs and replacements bring so clean and easy with this advanced method, there’s no reason to keep putting it off.  You want your sewer systems to operate efficiently for years to come so that you can stay worry-free and feel comfortable knowing your pipes are strong and sound.  Trenchless pipe replacement is the way to go!



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