Trenchless Pipe Replacement


If you own a home or business, sewer pipe replacement will most likely be a concern for you at some point. No matter what your pipes are made of, they can only really last 50 years at most. This is assuming that your pipes don’t experience any serious corrosion or tree root invasion that damages them early. If you’ve purchased an older home or business, you may have inherited a myriad of potential sewer problems. You may need a sewer pipe replacement sooner than you think.

There are multiple steps that come before pipe replacement. Contact a local plumber and ask about camera inspections, drain cleaning, and pipe repair or relining before you consider replacing your pipes.

As you’ll realize, a local plumber like NuFlow Indy can provide multiple drain services to fit your needs. However, if your pipes are beyond cleaning and repair, it is important for you to seek out plumbers who provide trenchless pipe replacement options. Pipe replacement can be a very serious repair that has the potential to completely disrupt your everyday life. Trenchless pipe replacement eliminates a lot of that potential disruption.

Where traditional pipe replacement requires all of the damaged pipes to be unearthed by digging trenches (regardless of what kind of landscaping, driveways, or property might be on top of them), trenchless pipe replacement allows your pipes to be replaced by digging just one access hole.

Naturally, traditional pipe repair takes a lot more time than trenchless repair. Just accessing your pipes is a huge construction project without trenchless pipe replacement. By cutting out multiple steps and unnecessary labor costs, trenchless pipe replacement can be more affordable than traditional sewer replacement. The destruction to your yard during traditional sewer replacement is almost nothing compared to the financial destruction that can occur when you are faced with an unplanned repair.

Get the most efficient repairs possible by investing in trenchless pipe replacement. As NuFlow Indy explains, “The entire procedure takes as little as one day to complete from start to finish, and costs a minimum of fifty-percent less than the traditional excavation method.”

The key to trenchless pipe replacement or repair is allowing your original pipes to guide a technician and their tools through damaged pipes. Even heavily damaged pipes can be relined with an epoxy resin coated line that creates a new pipe within old damaged pipes.

This process lasts just as long as completely new pipes (50 years or more) and increases flow without significantly decreasing the diameter of your pipes. The epoxy hardens within the day, and your pipes are back in order by the time the plumbing technicians leave. Complete new pipes can even be pulled through an existing sewer line and connected via two access holes if necessary.  By working smarter, employing new technologies, and working with your existing pipes, trenchless pipe replacement by NuFlow Indy provides durable and effective repairs with little disruption and reasonable costs.

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