Sewer Repair Without Digging Your Garden


There are many reasons to start and maintain a garden. If you live in an area with great weather, have an abundance of free time, and are passionate about growing and keeping things alive, then you might have a garden.

Of course, if you have a garden you must have the space to maintain it. This means you are probably living in a home with at least one bathroom and, of course, a kitchen. Owning a home means maintaining it to keep it in working condition. As the knowledgeable and reputable company Blue Works once said, “life is too short to live backed up.”

A back up in your pipes could result in a disaster in your garden, but that can be prevented by being aware of the warning signs and performing preventative tasks to keep your pipes running smoothly and your garden living beautifully.

Repairs without digging

Trenchless sewer repair technology means that your pipes can be repaired or replaced without destructive trench digging. Most contractors will dig up your garden with a backhoe without even telling you an option exists to avoid this.

This is why it is essential to do some preliminary research if you suspect you might need some work done on your sewer line. The system works by pulling a pipe bursting head through your old pipe with hydraulics, and then pulling in a replacement pipe in behind the pipe bursting head. You are left with a brand new pipe in its place.

Save your landscaping

By avoiding destructive digging, a trenchless replacement or repair can save your garden, landscaping, driveway or patio from having to be dug right through. Along with avoiding a lot of digging you can also avoid having as many workers on your property. More people invading your personal space means more of a possibility that your property could be destroyed. The most important thing to remember is that it means you can avoid a terrible mess that digging a trench through your property involves.

Save Money

Choosing a no-dig repair can actually save you thousands by avoiding unnecessary landscape destruction. One of the biggest and most unfortunate expenses of a plumbing repair is having to repair your driveway or garden afterwards. You spend a lot of money constructing your home into how you envision it and to have to watch it be destroyed and have to pay to fix it is quite possibly the worst part of the whole ordeal. Avoid this by choosing a no-dig repair.

It’s Just Faster

Trenchless repairs also take much less time, saving your schedule. It is the low hassle way of saving your sewer line. Your life will not be nearly as disrupted as it would be if you choose an option that involves much more digging and manpower.

Life’s too short to live backed up! Blue Works specializes in no dig repairs that will save your money and your garden. They can save your property from costly destruction.

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