Sewer Camera Inspection in St. Louis

inside of sewage collector pipe

Plumbing can be a tricky component to deal with for both homeowners and commercial property owners. When an issue arises, it typically requires immediate action. Sometimes, something minor such as a slow draining tub or sink could lead to bigger issues and cost a lot of money.

Other times, issues are already at a maximum when they are discovered, such as a bursting pipe, a leak or a sewage backup. Whether you’re experiencing small signs such as backed up drains, more extreme issues such as leaking pipes, or immediate emergencies such as a sewage backup, the first step to any fix is diagnosing the problem. This is where it gets tricky.

It’s typical that professionals need to view the issue at hand before diagnosing the problem and developing a solution.  For plumbing, this could mean digging up your yard and creating trenches to reach the pipes for evaluation. This leads to a huge mess just to get to the pipes, which doesn’t even include the repair or replacement process.

Thanks to technology and advancements, professionals are now able to perform sewer camera inspections on your sewer lines and pipes. Not only is it less invasive and less time consuming, but it also gives the most accurate determination of what the issue is at hand and how it can be fixed. What better way to examine pipes than to get a close-up look at the inside, which is the heart of the pipes and the true determination of the pipes’ functionality and stability.

So how does this give such an accurate reading and diagnosis? The durable and flexible rod that enters the pipes is equipped with a camera that produces video that is so clear that the smallest of cracks, abrasions, or build up can be seen during the examination. The technicians are able to view the real-time video, a much better alternative than getting down and dirty by physically having to touch the pipes and dig trenches to get to them.

Sewer camera inspections enter the sewer pipes through an already existing entry point. This method will be more appealing to residents and commercial owners because the noninvasive inspection is hassle-free. This could also lead to customers getting inspections more frequently which will benefit them in the long run because issues can be fixed before they escalate or before they even begin to show signs. This will save money in the long run by avoiding huge plumbing emergencies or disasters.

Plumbing maintenance doesn’t have to be an expensive, dirty, complicated task. Professionals such as the ones at Nu Flow St. Louis are able to make your inspections and fixes as simple as possible. Nu Flow St. Louis offers high-definition sewer camera inspections, bringing the latest technology to those with plumbing needs in the St. Louis area. Whether you are experiencing signs of a plumbing issue or you have an emergency, the professionals at Nu Flow St. Louis are ready to assist your needs.

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