Roof Drain Repair

Discovering a leaking roof drain can be more than an annoyance because if it is not repaired quickly, it can be the cause of severe property damage. Once you notice any sort of leak it can quickly become a sink or swim situation. Most people do not possess the skill to fix a leaky drain, which is why it is important to remember that it is ok to ask for help!

The Drain Doctor is licensed in roof repairs and can help you with all your plumbing needs. They believe in earning their customer’s trust and staying committed to providing the best possible plumbing service.

This is an exciting time in the plumbing industry. The Drain Doctor takes pride in providing plumbing services that exceed industry standards and provide healthy lifestyles. This company will continue to offer advanced green technology, improvement in high efficiency heating, and much more all with knowledge and professionalism.

Locate damage

Locate the leak and assess the damage. Examine the entire section of roof drain that appears to be leaking because this will ensure that you are aware of the full extent of the problem.

Repair or replace?

Once the leaking point is identified the plumbers will need to determine whether you need to patch up the existing roof drain, or replace the section that has become damaged. Consider the extent of the damage that has been caused and the size of the split or hole to help you make a decision. It is better to replace a damaged section if it means not having to continually repair it.


When a repair is required, the plumber will clean away any debris from the repair site with the correct tools. If the repair is quite large then additional patches may be needed to ensure that a leaking roof drain will not become an annoyance again.


If the leak has caused such a significant amount of damage that it needs to be replaced, it is best to replace the entire damaged section of the roof drain. To do this, the plumber will clean the drain. The damaged piece will be pulled away and caulk will be applied from one end of the replacement section to the other. Then the new piece will be fitted to the old. Once they are properly fitted in place they will be sealed to ensure all leaking will cease. To be extra safe, the plumbers will sometimes replace the screws as well.

Now that you know the process of roof drain repairs it is time to decide which professional is the best to do the job. You could do this type of repair or replacement yourself but if you do not possess the knowledge it is best to do some research and find a team that knows what they are doing. The Drain Doctors in New York are preferred plumbers. They carry proper insurance so you can rest assured that even though it is raining it will not pour. These plumbers will take care of the problem and you can rest assured there will be no more leaks.


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