No Dig Sewer Repair


Sewer issues are not the most exciting thing to find yourself dealing with. There are so many problems that could arise and, even worse, so many ways to fix them. Trying to find the most efficient way to fix a plumbing issue is not always a walk in the park. There are different professionals, different techniques and usually so little time to decide, especially when there is an emergency.  

What’s the worst that can happen? Well, most likely, a worst case scenario is the need to dig up your property to access a pipe to examine, diagnose the issue and fix the problem at hand. But is this the best route to take?

Why replace just a portion of a pipe when you can essentially replace the entire system’s lining with a less invasive procedure that costs less, takes less time and will last longer? Many people think traditional plumbing methods are the only option they have. But the days of trenches and digging are over. There is a new no dig sewer repair that is the more beneficial option in more ways than one.

Trenchless pipe lining is sweeping the plumbing industry. This minimally invasive procedure lines existing pipes with epoxy coating that essentially forms a new pipe within the pre-existing one. This is all done by accessing the piping system through already existing entrances. And the best news of all is that it takes less than half of the time than a traditional plumbing fix would take and can be used for almost any type of fixes.

What are the key factors that make this the better option?

Less Expensive

Lots of workers, time spent evaluating the issue, heavy machinery and lots of damage to your property. Now let’s think about how much that would all add up to be in costs? Paid professionals for extended periods of time and the use of heavy machinery alone can be costly. But then add in the fact that with traditional plumbing fixes, you would also have to deal with the damage done during excavation. This could include holes in your yard, the ruining of landscaping or the digging up of large portions of your property. Using the new no dig sewer repair, it takes less than half of the time, half of the efforts and lasts just as long, if not longer, than a full traditional pipe repair process would.

Longer Lasting

Typical sewer pipe repairs include taking out a portion of a pipe that is damaged or no good and replacing it with a new pipe. But how effective is this option? Instead of replacing just a portion of a bad pipe, it would be better in the long run to replace the whole system.

With the epoxy coating, the pipes appear as new and function as new also. Water is able to flow through the pipes more fluidly and with ease. The new coating is durable and built to last. Regardless of the outside of the original pipes, the new durable material will stand up to any conditions, allowing it to outlast the older pipes and maintain a properly functioning system.

Digging for plumbing issues is a thing of the past, and the professionals at Pipe Surgeons realize that. If you are located in Southern Florida and are in need of a sewer repair, the experienced plumbers at Pipe Surgeons are ready to help and relieve you of your issues with less stress and faster solutions. Call the professionals at Pipe Surgeons.

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