How Often Should You Clean Your Sewer Lateral?


Is it time to clean your sewer lateral? This is a question that probably not many people ask themselves. An average estimate of how often you should get your sewer lateral cleaned is said to be around every 18 months. However, there are factors that go into this determination.

For one, it depends on what type of debris and fluids are flowing through your drains. The more debris that flows through, the more chances of blockages. Hair and food particles are huge culprits of drain blockages. Another contributor to build up is grease. This is the number one downfall in pipes. Grease buildup causes a hardened, thick layer on the inside of pipes. This corrosion and buildup leads to restrictive water flow and the likelihood of particles getting stuck in the pipes.

Is It Time for a Sewer Lateral Cleaning?

While you can’t examine the interior of your pipes and their condition on your own, you can hire a professional to view the inside of your pipes every few months to determine if and when you need to have your sewer lines cleaned.

But what is the rush to get your sewer lines cleaned if you don’t experience any issues? Some issues won’t show signs that they are present until it becomes an emergency. Leaks, pipe burstings and sewage overflow are all obvious emergencies that might be prevented with consistent and proper sewer lateral cleanings.

At times, you will be able to see warning signs that it’s time to get your sewer lateral cleaned. The most common sign is a blocked drain. This gets a lot of attention as it’s inconvenient to run water when it is either draining at a slower pace or is not draining at all. Other signs to look out for include odors coming from your drains, multiple clogging issues over time, backed up water and gurgling sounds from within a pipe.

How to Get Started

Now that you know the importance of sewer lateral cleaning, there are simple steps to take to ensure you get a full cleaning in a timely manner. After contacting a professional, they will come to perform an inspection to view the pipes.

The most convenient way to perform this task is with video inspections. This allows for easy access with noninvasive evaluations. From there, options include aqua hydro-jetting throughout your pipes, washing away buildup and debris. More extensive work may need to be done, such as removing corrosion buildup or cutting through tree trunks that have invaded the pipes. Each has a solution and can be treated. The sooner it’s noticed and treated, the better.

There is no wrong time to get your sewer lateral cleaned, but there is a right time and that is before any issues arise. If you’re located in the Montgomery, Alabama area and want to be proactive in cleaning out your sewer lines, contact Cole Plumbing Incorporated. This family-owned plumbing business has been helping customers in the area for three generations. Cole Plumbing Incorporated can help you prevent future plumbing emergencies by cleaning your sewer lateral often and before it’s too late.


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