Sewer Camera Inspection in South Florida


Miranda Home Services offers air conditioning and sewer services to its clients’ homes. One if its sewer services is the sewer camera inspection. This service makes use of a video camera that is attached to a cable and inserted into the pipelines to inspect the inside for damages. The line can be long enough to reach the municipal sewer system, which is the boundary of the homeowner’s responsibility.

During a sewer camera inspection, the specialist is able to see what is under the ground and inside the sewer pipes through a monitor connected to the camera. From there, the specialists can study whether or not the sewer problem is coming from the homeowner’s area of responsibility or the municipal sewer system.

If it is determined that the issue is on the homeowner’s end, the repair, replacement, or cleaning will commence depending on the decision of the homeowner and based on the advice of the specialists. If the problem is from the municipal sewer system, then the municipal hall has to be notified and whoever is in charge should have it fixed. In this case, though, there could be more than one home affected if the problem is within the municipal sewer system.

How a sewer camera inspection helps

Obviously, the camera inspection does more good than damage. Before this tool was invented, many homeowners risked digging up their lawn to inspect the sewer lines, only to find out there is nothing wrong with them. So they end up damaging their property and paying the specialists for their time and effort, which actually accomplished very little or nothing at all.

Because of technological advancements, trenchless sewer replacements, inspections, and repairs were made possible. With camera inspection, the homeowner will know if there is a real need to patch up a pipe or to clean it up from blockages. This calls for less time and effort spent manually digging up the ground to inspect one tiny detail that can easily be done within just hours instead of days or weeks.

So when is a sewer camera inspection really necessary? Homeowners will benefit more if they regularly inspect their property, including the sewers, for potential hazards. So a sewer camera inspection can be done on a regular basis for the upkeep of the home or building.

A sewer inspection should also be done before moving in to a new home. Inspecting the sewers and making sure they are in top shape will prevent the new homeowners from having to deal with bad odors or blocked drains after they move in. This will also help check whether or not they need to remove trees that could cause damage to the pipes underground.

Another instance when a camera inspection is necessary is when the homeowner is about to sell the property. Keeping the property well-maintained will increase the dollar value. A sewer system that is above expectation is one of the most important parts of real estate selling. Not only because it is a necessary part of the building, but also for health and hygienic reasons. Who would want to buy a home full of mildew, mold, bad odor, and sewer problems, right?

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