Sewer Camera Inspection


Hopefully you are in the market for a sewer camera inspection because your problem has not turned into a disaster just yet. You’re a planner and you’ve noticed a few telltale signs that there may be problems with your drains and you want answers before it becomes an emergency.

You may have noticed a slow drain, an odd smell or weird noises coming from places that you would prefer not to hear weird noises. And if your drains are not working correctly a relatively low-cost sewer video inspection might be the perfect thing to help.  

Prevent a Bigger Problem

If you can believe it, trenchless sewer repair options have been around for the past 15 years. As with most technologies it has continued to get better, more innovative, and easier for the consumer’s bank account.

Before this method, dig points were a matter of educated guesswork. No matter how knowledgeable the plumber is there is always a chance that the location they choose to dig a hole is wrong. Then you are left with an unseemly hole and possible damage. With sewer video cameras and locating equipment, it is simply a matter of calling your local plumbers for a video inspection. A tiny camera can locate the specific location of the problem and the damage is next to none.

Here are some common questions about how to prevent sewer damage through a camera inspection:

How Does a Sewer Camera Inspection Work?

Your local plumbing company or a specialist will run a video line through your waste pipes. Depending on where you notice possible issues, the plumbing crew will choose a drain and snake a small and flexible camera in to assess the damage and blockages. This camera allows you to see close-up and in real-time detail.

Is this absolutely necessary for plumbing projects?

This is not needed frequently for plumbing projects; it is all situation-based. You might need a video inspection if you are planning on adding a bathroom or remodeling your kitchen or bathroom.

This way you can make sure that your drains are all in working order before doubling your work with an emergency blockage or break. It is a good idea to make sure your drains are in good working shape before you increase the work they have to do to keep your home in a clean and working order.

Typically, though, most homeowners will only contact a plumbing company for a sewer camera inspection if there is a problem; problems such as blockages that cannot be fixed by plunging, liquid drain cleaners, or sewer or drain auguring.

How far will the camera travel?

It can go as near as branch lines within the house or as far as to the point where the home’s sewer ties to the municipal sewer line, maximum being about 330 feet.

Start Now

These are the most popular questions but of course it is completely normal to have plenty more. Who better to ask than a reputable plumbing company? The Northridge Plumbers are friendly, honest and always on call. They are available to answer all your plumbing needs. They offer video inspections and have over 25 years’ experience.

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