Trenchless Sewer Repair and Your Home


There is often hesitation from home owners in starting what may appear as a major plumbing or sewer repair. The concern is usually related to what the sewer repair may do to a home and property. With trenchless sewer repair technology, your home will suffer little and benefit a lot simply because there is little in the way of digging and trenching involved.

The whole idea behind trenchless technology is that sewer line repairs can be carried out without the need for heavy equipment tearing up your yard and landscaping. It also means that there is no trench – in other words, there is no excavation to remove a damaged pipe. There will be some digging, but it will be far less than you may expect for this kind of repair.

When you contact 45th Parallel to come and inspect your sewer line, they will dig one or two small holes in order to access the connection points of the sewer lateral running from your home. The holes will be at the location where the pipe enters your home and the other will be where the pipe joins with a main line at the end of your property.

What happens next will not only save you money, it will save you a lot of clean up work after the plumbing crew leaves your neighborhood. A small camera is inserted into the lateral pipe and it is used to inspect the condition of the lateral. If a leak or break is found, the experts at 45th Parallel will follow it up with one of many forms of trenchless repairs.

In the case of repairing a clog within your sewer line, the professionals at 45th Parallel will tackle it in a way that does not involve any more digging. By using either pressurized water or air, they will break up and flush away whatever has created the blockage. Typically sewer clogs are the result of organic material getting lodged in the pipe.

Should your sewer pipe require relining, an epoxy coated flexible sleeve is fed into your existing sewer pipe. Once it cures, you will have a new pipe within a pipe which repairs the leak or break and the entire pipe did not have to be dug out from your yard to be replaced. For homeowners who have put a lot of effort into the look of their home and property, this is a great alternative.

Plus, trenchless technology is much faster than traditional dig and replace methods. That means less time without water service and even some repairs can be carried out without water disruption. You could say that 45th Parallel provides you and your home with an environmentally friendly approach to a job that once was messy and very costly to the homeowner.

For more information on how trenchless sewer repair is easy on your home and property, contact 45th Parallel today for a site inspection and quote. You can send them an email to schedule an appointment or you can call their office direct at 989-448-8468. If you have any concern about what a sewer repair can mean to your property, trenchless technology is your best choice.

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