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The bathroom may be the one room in our homes that offers many benefits we take for granted until they no longer function correctly. Then our whole world turns upside down. When the toilet or tub is not working as it should it can create chaos inside your home. In fact, it seems that anything connected to plumbing and sewer lines, in general, can cause enough disorder to make the local headlines.

Popular Park in Broken Arrow Closed Recently Due to Sewage Leak

This past May, Sielig Park located in the 500 block of West Iola was closed as workers took the time to clean up the sewage leak that contaminated the park’s creek. A contractor had damaged the sewer line that ran north of the park, which caused the hazardous water to make its way into the park’s peaceful creek.

The city shut down the park after tests showed an increase in E. coli levels in the water. Afterward, workers used equipment to vacuum the sewage and pump fresh water back into the Sielig Park Creek.

The rainfall in the area that occurred soon after also helped to reduce the amount of contamination in the water. The city of Broken Arrow continued to test and monitor the water for several weeks to ensure the safety of the park’s visitors.

Avoid Sewer Blockage and Drainage Issues with One Call to NuFlow in Tulsa

When you must get in contact with a sewer line company in Tulsa, you should only call on the best in the area that offers satisfactory installation and repair results. NuFlow of Oklahoma offers a wide range of sewer services that include the latest in today’s innovative plumbing technology. If your home was built several decades ago, chances are you may need a new sewer line installed, especially if you are starting to have problems with drains in your bathroom or kitchen no longer working as they should.

Insist on Trenchless Sewer Repair and Installation if you Need Your Lines Replaced

At NuFlow, they offer Trenchless Sewer Repair which can save you time and money as opposed to the traditional method of installing new sewer lines. Instead of digging a new trench in your front lawn, temporarily leaving your home so that you can stay somewhere with indoor plumbing for a week, and calling another contractor to repair your landscaping after the work is completed. With Trenchless line replacement you can avoid all of that.

The technicians at NuFlow of Oklahoma are experts when it comes to installing trenchless sewer lines. The process takes less than a day to complete so there is no need to book accommodations elsewhere, and it’s even less expensive than the old method, making it the obvious choice for homeowners in the Tulsa area. Or you can fill out the convenient contact form available on their website at any time.

Call on NuFlow of Oklahoma today if you suspect something is wrong with your sewer lines. They can assess the damage and let you know what is going on inside and out. Give them a call today at (405) 888-5248.

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