Sewer Camera Inspection


Earlier in 2017 the Washoe County area experienced significant flooding which resulted in extreme damage, falling trees, overflowing rivers, city boil orders, power outages, road closures, citizen evacuation, and even lift station failure. The flooding started in downtown Reno on January 08 and continued for days, leaving a whirlwind of destruction in its path.

Following extreme weather conditions such as a flood, it is crucial to check your home sewer systems and pipes to make sure they are working properly and haven’t been damaged in any way. A sewer camera inspection is a convenient and smart way to see if your pipes and drains remain intact after a weather event such as the flood in the Reno area.

Aside from inspecting your pipes after a scary weather situation, it is also beneficial to take preventative measures by getting your sewer systems inspected. An inspection of your entire system may seem like a big job, but it really isn’t.

With new video camera technology, checking your pipes is a breeze. In the past, inspections involved digging trenches along all your pipes until the problem area was detected. Of course, this is a less than desirable process that creates a mess and wreaks havoc on your property. Not to mention the lengthy down-time and high bills that come with it. Luckily, sewer camera technology allows for a quicker, cleaner, and more efficient inspection.

How it Works

A small waterproof camera on at the end of a flexible rod is fed through you pipes by a trained professional. Only a small access opening is required to insert the camera. As the camera travels through your pipes it records real-time video footage that is monitored to check for any pipe damage, leaks, or intrusions.

Once the problem is found, repairs can begin immediately and you can be sure that the appropriate repairs are being done to match your exact issues. There is no guessing when it comes to video sewer inspections – any issues are clear and evident. If requested, the footage can be emailed to the customer afterward if they wish to review it themselves. To ensure you receive professional and courteous service, A1 Plumbing is the best company to do your sewer inspections. They use only top quality products and advanced technology to take care of your plumbing needs.

Ease your Mind

Don’t stress over sewer problems or maintenance. Everything can easily be taken care of and A1 Plumbing is just the company to do it. Even if you haven’t experienced any issues with your plumbing yet it is highly recommended that you do what you can to prevent problems in the future. The cost of an inspection is nothing compared to the financial strain of serious sewer system repairs that occur when complications are left untreated.

Sewer maintenance doesn’t need to be complicated or overwhelming. A video camera inspection from A1 Plumbing will make it easy and smooth, leaving you feeling confident about your home’s sewer system and alleviating any concern you may have had.

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