No Dig Sewer Repair in Baltimore, MD


Doesn’t the thought of having to fix a major problem in your sewer system give you a gigantic headache? Not only do you have to refrain from using the toilets and drains in your house, but the remnants of your sewage could be pooling in your front yard before you catch the problem. It’s not a pleasant sight (or smell) for you and your Baltimore neighborhood.

Before it reaches a point of disaster, wouldn’t it be nice to catch the leak before it bursts and creates a real nightmare? How do you catch a leak before it happens? Most of us don’t think about sewer system inspections before there is a problem. Out of sight, out of mind. But that is not always the best philosophy.

No Dig Sewer Repair

When something as horrible as a leak in your main sewer line happens, you’d think you were covered under home insurance. What else are you paying so much every year for if not unforeseen major disasters?  But even home insurance companies consider sewage system inspections as part of routine home annual maintenance. If you haven’t had an inspection, you could be denied coverage for a burst pipe.

How do you go about inspecting a sewage system for leaks? Just think, if you put in a watering system in a garden, you wouldn’t be alerted to a leak until you see water spraying from one of the hoses or pooling from underground. At that point, how would you fix the leak? If the problem is above ground, you could simply replace that section or tape it off. If it is underground, you have no choice but to dig it up and repair it.

Traditional methods of sewage pipe repair and replacement work the same way. If a leak presented itself as a pool of sewage in your yard, you’d think the only way to fix it would be to dig a trench, expose the sewage pipe, and replace or repair it.

Welcome to the new age my friends.

A More Efficient Way to do Plumbing

There is advanced technology that allows homeowners to perform sewer repairs with NO DIGGING. You read that right, repair your underground sewer lines without having to dig them up! At all!

This new technology is great news for your home, landscape, and wallet. Trenchless pipe repair happens faster and is more affordable without any of the mess. It almost sounds too good to be true and yet it’s becoming the new standard in advanced plumbing methods. This way, you can keep your landscaping and your home intact while having your pipes repaired.

Trenchless plumbing utilizes technology that creates new pipes based off your old ones by using access points that are easy to get to. No holes have to be cut in your walls, foundation, or yard to repair the leak! Sewage system inspections are just as easy if you are working with a professional using the right tools.

Remember, preventive maintenance gives you a major advantage over disasters caused by a burst sewage pipe.

If you live in the Baltimore area of Maryland, call AJ McDonald for all your plumbing needs. With over seven decades of experience across multiple generations – they stay up on the cutting edge of plumbing technology and have unparalleled experience with sewage systems and septic tanks.


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