No Dig Sewer Repair Bakersfield


Did you just dig up your entire backyard for a sewer pipe repair? Is the lack of results frustrating you? Did you know that you could have avoided all the mess?

Yes. That’s right. Homeowners in Bakersfield now have the option of getting their sewer pipes repair through the No Dig Sewer Repair system, aka Trenchless Sewer Repair. For this, The Plumbing Doc in Bakersfield offers the quickest and absolute stress-free sewer repair option.

What does no dig sewer repair mean?

Traditional sewer repair methods require plumbers to look for leaking or broken sewer pipes by digging into the sewer pipes. Entire landscapes are stripped out to find where a root may be intruding. Most plumbers rely on guesswork.

The no-dig sewer repair doesn’t require plumbers to dig a single trench! That’s why it’s also known as trenchless sewer repair. Plumbers use a single access point to insert a sewer inspection camera. The camera goes inside the pipes and lets the technicians view the insides of the entire sewer pipeline through a monitor. You can see what’s happening inside your sewer pipes, where roots are intruding and where pipes may be leaking.

Once the problem source is identified, the plumber then creates the least-destructive customized plan suited to the homeowner’s sewer pipes. Through just one access point, plumbers complete the entire repair work. He first cleans out the sewer pipes using high-pressure water jets. To make the repair work more lasting, plumbers line the pipes with Resin Epoxy Lining. This adds to the life of the sewer pipe while limiting roots from intruding into the sewer in the future.  

Benefits of Trenchless Sewer Repair

Saves Time

A no dig sewer repair usually takes a day to be completed. You can go back to your normal operations the very next day. Plumbers can determine the accurate problem source using state-of-the-art equipment. This allows them to start from the right position. Also, trenchless sewer repair doesn’t require digging through to the sewer pipes. This saves both time and energy.

Saves Money

Homeowners save money when they override the need to dig trenches around the house, in garages, and on the backyards. No dig sewer repair is accurate, and thus saves resources trying to locate the leak source.


Trenchless Sewer Repair only requires one access point and that’s usually outside the home. Residents won’t even have to see the plumbers working.

Long Lasting

The new pipe you’ll get from the epoxy lining last as long or even longer than any other pipe. We are sure that it will last at least 50 years with no problems.

Environmental Friendly

No plants are destroyed. No trees are cut down because they are intruding in the sewer pipes. Moreover, no-dig sewer repair conserves resources since repair work is done without requiring the use of digging. Go Green and opt for the no dig sewer repair.

Start Now

If you’re looking for an affordable sewer repair plan in Bakersfield, call Plumbing Doc. Their specialized plumbers will make your sewer pipes as good as new with the no dig sewer repair system.   


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