Drain Lining in the Hills of California


Let’s be honest for a minute; if you live in the hills of California then you’re living the dream. People all over the country have invested their time in obsessing over the location and the lifestyle that you get to be a part of. That’s a very fortunate position to be in.

It’s no question that what you have is what some people can only dream of: perfect California weather, beautiful sights everywhere you look, and access to some of the most visited places in the country.

So how do you take care of all of that when it comes to your drains and sewer lines?

The answer is simple: drain lining.

Keep California Beautiful

No one looks at California and wonders about sewers and pipelines. Why would they? With sewers comes food waste, liquid waste, and human waste. It’s not exactly picturesque. Unfortunately though, repairs are unavoidable so it’s important to know how to go about them in a way that keeps those disgusting things out of sight.

Traditional methods of sewer repair involve digging trenches, cutting out pieces of sewer pipes, and then replacing them. It’s not just a lengthy process; it’s an unsightly one.

Once a trench has been dug and then filled back in, the beauty of the landscape is gone until you fix it. Those people you paid to dig that trench aren’t there to make things look good. They’re there to fix a sewer and then close a hole in the ground.

Furthermore, pipelines are not the only thing hidden in the Earth. There are also gas lines. This means that along with flooding that can happen from damaged drains, gas line blasts and fires are also a possibility. Just this past June in Woodland Hills a family’s home was completely destroyed after a sewer repair contractor hit a gas line. The damage caused an explosion and the subsequent fire ruined their beautiful two-story home.

Fortunately, trenches and excavation are not the only way to repair pipes.

Drain Lining

It’s completely possible to maintain the beauty of your home and have a healthy, high functioning sewage system. Using trenchless repair methods, there is no need for digging or excavating. Instead, your pipes are repaired by having a liner run through damaged sections using small access points that may already be present. They take the shape of your existing pipes and eliminate the damage caused by holes, cracks, and roots. It’s that simple.

Choose Trenchless Drain Lining

As unpleasant as it may be to think of having to have your sewer lines repaired, it’s a vital part of owning or renting a home. If you don’t think about it now, you’re only setting yourself up for stress down the road.

Don’t be like most people and think that digging and excavation are the only way to go about having damages in your sewer line repaired. That’s simply not true. If you find yourself with damaged or broken pipelines, keep the beauty of your home and the California we all know and love by calling Rapid Plumbing and investing in trenchless drain lining.

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