Trenchless Pipe Replacement


In October 2016, The Daily Progress newspaper wrote an article with the headline “Questions remain on full impact of Lake Monticello sewage spill.”  It goes on to say “Virginia environmental officials say they are working with Aqua Virginia to determine how much sewage spewed into Lake Monticello from a broken sewer line discovered Monday and what impact it may have on the lake.” Aqua Virginia is “preparing a report on how the leak may have occurred, possible health and environmental impacts, and how it may be prevented in the future.”

A sewage spill such as the one in Lake Monticello, Virginia is a serious one, as are leaks from sewage pipes in your own home!  Leaking pipes not only cause a mess and keep your toilets out of working order, they can also carry health and environmental risks as well.  Speedy Rooter is the best company to call in Charlottesville, VA to ensure you aren’t faced with a sewage spill disaster of your own.

New and advanced technology

The best thing about Speedy Rooter is that they offer only the most advanced and effective pipe replacement technology.  They will repair and replace your damaged pipes with a trenchless technique that doesn’t involve any downtime or digging and destruction of your land!  

That’s a huge bonus for anyone who owns a home and does not want to see their landscaping work torn apart for a leaky pipe.  Speedy Rooter will access your pipes through a small opening and insert a tube of epoxy resin that coats the inside of the entire current pipe.

As this resin dries and hardens, it becomes a whole new lining making your pipes as good (or even better than) new!  This new pipe lining is not susceptible to calcium build-up because of the materials used and there are no weak spots because there are no joints prone to leaks or root intrusion.

Avoid a Disaster

We never expect anything to go wrong with our septic lines, but something is bound to break eventually.  When it does happen, we can see the process unfold: holes dug everywhere and piles of dirt, nasty smells coming from exposed sewer pipes, days or weeks with no sewer or water, a scary bill at the end of the endless hours of labor… the nightmare goes on and on!  

But it doesn’t have to be that way!  With the technology that Speedy Rooter uses, they can finish the repairs discreetly with no property damage, no interruptions in your sewer services, and at a low cost.  So, doesn’t that sound like the smart choice?

Save yourself the panic and dread of leaking sewer pipes; it doesn’t have to be stressful for you at all.  Instead of waiting for an issue to arise it might make sense for you to take preventative measures and have your pipes lined if you know that are reaching their life span.  If you don’t want to find yourself in a sticky situation like that of Lake Monticello, we recommend calling Speedy Rooter to get your pipes in the ultimate condition.


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