Trenchless Pipe Replacement


The most cost effective way to replace sewer lines is through trenchless technology. It is also the kindest method to the environment. The entire trenchless industry (including contractors, engineering companies, associations, public works and manufacturers) celebrate World Trenchless Day each year. It takes place on the fourth Thursday in September and focuses on the safety, economic, environmental and social benefits of trenchless technology.

For sewer pipe replacement trenchless technology has completely changed the way the job is done. When a broken, cracked, clogged or damaged sewer line was a problem, the only way to properly diagnose such a condition was a messy and costly affair. It usually involved large pieces of heavy equipment digging several holes in your yard until the pipe was located. Then a trench would be dug the length of the pipe in question, leaving an incredibly large mess.

Once the entire sewer pipe was uncovered, plumbers would get into the trench and crawl around trying to find the break or crack if it was not already obvious after all the digging. As soon as the damage was located the faulty pipe would be removed and a new one installed. It required your water service being shut off for sometimes several days and the heavy equipment sat on your property until the job was finished. When they left, they also left behind some damage.

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Trenchless technology is light years beyond that! Now if you have a leak, break, or crack in your sewer line you just contact Trenchless Pipe Repairs and a crew will arrive at your home or business. Holes would still be dug but only one or two and they would be just big enough to access the connection between your line and the municipal main line. A tiny camera would be inserted into the pipe and video would be monitored until the problem is found.

This relatively low cost pipe inspection is quick and will be able to find any problem from inside the actual pipe with the problem. After the precise problem is identified, trenchless technology options such as pipe lining or pipe bursting would be chosen. The professionals at Trenchless Pipe Repairs will take care of the rest. Your damaged pipe will be repaired without removing it and your yard will be returned to the way it looked before the crew arrived.

If trenchless pipe replacement sounds easy in comparison to the way these repairs used to be done, it most certainly is. Also, the cost is considerably less. The repair will also last several decades—50 years or longer—which means you will never have to repair a leaking sewer pipe ever again. That alone will save you even more money in the long run!

For more information on how trenchless technology can be used to address your sewer pipe problems, contact Trenchless Pipe Repairs today at 253-447-8026. Ask to schedule your video pipe inspection as soon as possible. You can also fax them for details at 253-375-6819 and soon you will also be celebrating the wonders of trenchless technology.


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