Sewer Line Repair


The pipes that lead outside of your house can be easily forgotten. As long as your internal plumbing (the toilet, sink, shower, etc.) are working properly, then there is nothing to worry about.

That is where you are wrong! Think about where all those drains lead to, all your hair, toothpaste, food waste, everything, it all has to go somewhere. And where it all goes is the sewer, from there it is whisked away to your local waste water treatment plant.

Attaching your property to the public sewer is the sewer line. Knowing this, and understanding the incredible stresses this pipe is put through, it is understandable why upkeeping this pipe is so important. Just because everything else is working does not mean the sewer line is in good working order.

Common Causes of Sewer Line Failure

Because the sewer line is an external pipe, it is put through more stress than any internal pipes. A common cause of failure is tree roots. Sewer pipes offer a continuous flow of highly nutritious water and trees will find a way inside. Roots will crack and break the pipes, allowing waste to flow into your lawn and even the foundation of your house. Old pipes will break and especially with the age of houses in Philadelphia, most sewer lines are either broken already or on the verge.
Not only do broken sewer lines damage property but they damage the local water supply. With only so much space beneath the sidewalk, leaking wastewater can infect other pipes. And if your sewer line is leaking, your water pipes are just as old and maybe just as leaky. The safe and smart solution to the problem is to have the sewer line fixed.

Fixing the Sewer Line

Unlike the the rest of your plumbing, this pipe is located underground. The only way to fix it is to go underground where the problem lies. There are a few different methods for repairing the sewer line and some are certainly better than others.

The oldest method for replacing pipes involves digging up the ground that is hiding the pipe. This process involves heavy excavation machinery and will destroy the lawn and sidewalk.

Trenchless Sewer Repair

Lucky for you, Pipeshark can repair your sewer lines using the newest trenchless technology. Trenchless sewer repair is a method that does not feature any excavation and will repair your pipes without unnecessary construction. The way it works is by inserting an epoxy liner and coating the interior of the pipe with an impermeable layer; essentially creating a new pipe without removing the old one.

If your pipes are too old and broken for the epoxy liner, not to worry! Pipeshark, located here in Philly, can also perform pipe bursting: laying a brand new pipe where the old one once was. Both methods forego digging a trench and are substantially more affordable. If your pipes are in need of repairing, give Pipeshark a call at 610-557-1752, their local knowledge and expert staff will ensure your pipes make a speedy recovery.

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