Sewer Camera Inspection and Drain Blockages


A sewer camera inspection is the best way to properly diagnose drain blockages. But before we get into the details on how that works, we first have to determine a reason for considering a clog exists in the first place. When your drains are clear and operating well, you don’t think about such things as blockages, but they do occur. Here are some signals to watch out for:

Slow Draining Or Water Pooling

Anytime your sink, tub, or shower drains take longer than normal to completely drain, there could be a problem. If this persists over a period of time, you may need a camera inspection of your sewer line.

Sewage Odors

Whenever you can detect odors of sewage coming from any of your drains, including sinks and your bath tub or shower, it is telling you something. The odor is an indication of some kind of blockage.

Wet, Spongy and Smelly Ground

If you discover an odor of sewage coming from an area of your property, take a closer look. If the ground near the odor is wet and spongy you may have just discovered a leak in your sewer line.

What A Camera Inspection Will Do

Once you contact Feltner Sewer, they will send a crew to your property. In order to inspect the sewer line they will need to get a closer look at the pipe in question. Using trenchless technology, the plumbing professionals will dig one or two small holes in order to gain access to the pipe connections. They will not dig up your entire yard to remove the pipe in order to inspect or repair it.

After access has been made, a tiny camera is inserted into the pipe. A video feed shows exactly what is going on inside the pipe. If it is a clog, break, or crack, it will be properly diagnosed with the assistance of the video camera. Repair options will be presented to you and the work will be done. The cost is far less than the old excavation method and is also easier on the environment and your property.

If you can positively identify any of the three signs noted above, it is best to confirm your suspicions by contacting the plumbing specialists at Feltner Sewer. They can visit your home or business and examine the inside of your sewer pipe with ease and won’t haul several pieces of heavy equipment into your yard to dig until they find the problem. Trenchless technologies mean the job is done without digging a trench ruining your landscaping, sidewalk or driveway in the process.

Camera inspections make the job easier on the plumbers as well as easier on your time and budget. Most repairs using trenchless technology take a fraction of the time as traditional methods. To find out more about camera inspections for drain blockages contact Feltner Sewer today. You can request details by sending them an email or call them direct at 1-866-335-8637 to book an appointment.



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