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Don’t you just love bacon? Few things are considered as American as a breakfast where some delicious bacon strips are available. Bacon-mania has swept the country, and crazy dishes such as chocolate-covered bacon and bacon-wrapped sushi have been invented to satisfy hungry people’s cravings.

But what happens with all that leftover grease after you finished cooking? If you are a responsible homeowner, you will throw that fat away with your trash. The best way to do this is pour it into a container with absorbent material like paper towels. If you are a coffee aficionado, use the leftover grounds instead of paper towels, they are great at absorbing grease.

Unfortunately, most people won’t care and will just pour the grease down their kitchen drain. And to make the misfortune worse, this is the worst thing you could do to your plumbing system.

How Fats Clog Drains

When bacon fat is hot it has a very low viscosity, similar to a liquid. But once it cools off, it will solidify. And guess what happens when that hot grease reaches your cold pipes? It turns into a sticky, solid mess.

Once the grease has attached to the inside of the pipe, it will trap any small pieces of food and debris that bump into it. This will make the obstruction larger, and eventually it could completely shut down the water flow.

If you notice your wastewater draining very slowly and have been pouring grease down the pipes, you could be experiencing this problem. But what if you recently moved into a new house and noticed this? Or what if you have never poured grease down the drain but still notice the water flowing slowly? You might need to get a professional drain inspection to find out the exact cause.

When you have a problem with your plumbing system, it is always best to look for a plumbing company that has enough experience and access to the latest technology to help you out. If you need a drain inspection in Scottsdale, Az, you should get in touch with Nu Flow Phoenix.

Nu Flow Phoenix will use a video camera to check out your pipes. It is attached to a flexible rod and fed through the sewer line or pipe. The camera sends a live video feed to an external monitor, where the operator can see what is happening inside the line. He can see if there are any obstructions, broken pipe pieces, or tree roots which could be clogging up the tube.

This new technology eliminates the guesswork and shows exactly where the problem is located. Not long ago a drain inspection would mean having to dig up the pipes to try to find the issue. Today, this camera will pinpoint the location where the work needs to be done, which saves you time and money.

As soon as the problem has been identified you will receive a detailed explanation of how it can be solved. Nu Flow Phoenix has an extensive arsenal of tools which can get rid of any kind of obstruction and will make your pipes work as they should.

The next time you need a drain inspection, give Nu Flow Phoenix a call at 480-257-8552 and schedule an appointment. Your drains will thank you for it.

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